Screen Series - Combo Pack (4x 12")

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Screen Series - Combo Pack (4x 12")

4x 12" Picture Disc Vinyls

Releasedate: 17th of March 2023
Starts shipping: 15th of March 2022

The "Screen" series is the joint work of Mr Sam & Frederic de Backer. It gathers no less than 4 vinyl releases between 1999 and 2002 for a total of 11 tracks on the prestigious Yeti Records label.
Each release represented the television test pattern, had a different name and color, which was the basic concept and made the success of the series.
The 4 volumes of the series instantly became classics in their own right in the whole Belgian scene. They still are today, which is quite an achievement.
This series, which has since become legendary, represents for many the golden age of progressive & melodic trance music. It was immediately subject to collection by music collectors and DJs.
Tracks like "Out of Time", "You & Me", "Friday Sickness" are now part of the trance music heritage.
More than 20 years after the original release, we decided to delight and fulfill the die hard fans with a very special re-release of this iconic series.
The complete series is now available as a limited edition of 4 picture disc vinyls that feature the original design of the release with remastered versions in a transparent plastic sleeve.
There is no doubt that all the lovers of the series and Trance in general will not miss the chance to own these beautiful items.

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