Blue Screen - You & Me (12")

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Blue Screen - You & Me (12")

12" Picture Disc Vinyl.

Releasedate: 17th of March 2023
Starts shipping: 15th of March 2022

Originally released on May 21, 2001.

3rd EP of the legendary "Screen" series.

This is without a doubt the most personal of the whole series and the most sentimental too. We had been thinking together about the evolution of the series and since we had already made big hits with the previous editions, we wanted to push things a little further without "worrying" about any club success.

So we chose to focus entirely on the musicality and the emotions transmitted to the detriment of the purely club side of the tracks. At least that's what we thought because in the end the two tracks were a huge success and came back very often as the favorites of clubbers and DJs, especially in after parties.

It was a big surprise to see that some famous techno DJs still play it at the end of their sets, which proves that it doesn't matter when a track is released, as long as the emotion is there, it will stay there forever.

This EP demonstrated the versality that Mr. Sam & Fred Baker had in the studio when they composed and collaborated together. The magic worked every time like a miracle that repeated itself.


A : You & Me
B : Stay At Home