Various Artists - LaRocca Classics (3x12")

Various Artists - LaRocca Classics (3x12")

Limited Edition Triple Gatefold Vinyl

Releasedate: 29th of March 2024

We are excited and honored to announce the spontaneous release of a La Rocca Classics vinyl. A Limited Edition Triple Gatefold Vinyl release that celebrates all monumental milestones from La Rocca’s club culture. A selection, carefully curated by Wim Van Ouytsel, founder and moving spirit of the legendary nightlife brand since 1988.


1/3 x 12"
A1. DJ Marko - Marko's Theme
A2. Pirupa - Party Non Stop
B1. Andhim - Boy Boy Boy
B2. Roger S. - Get Hi

2/3 x 12"
C1. Miro - Spaceman (Mr Sam & Marko's 'Definition Of Weird Minds' Remix)
C2. Blaze - Lovelee Dae
D1. Street Corner Symphony - Symphonic Tonic (NBG Remix)
D2. Jaydee - Plastic Dreams

3/3 x 12"
E1. Rachel Row - Follow The Step (KiNK Beat Mix)
E2. Jonas Rathsman - Tobago
E3. Junior Jack - My Feeling (Kick 'N' Deep Mix)
F1. Reboot - The Frenchie Thing
F2. Criss Source - Hugs'n Kisses